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Transitions & Rising 5's

Transitions and Rising 5s

Although we give the parents the opportunity to choose their child’s session, we keep the Wednesday morning session available only for the children starting school the following year.

From the beginning of the summer term, we begin our ‘Rising five’s’ sessions on a Wednesday morning. We open our door through to class 1 (reception) and our Phoenix children can explore the reception area and what could be their new classroom. They meet the teachers and get chance to play with the reception children.

This happens every week until they have their full morning transitions arranged by the school.



Our ‘Rising 5’s’ session sets the school starters up for the best possible transition as they begin to learn the expectations and boundaries in, soon to be, their new setting.

For those children who can’t attend Wednesday mornings, but are going to school the following year, will get chance to have time in the reception class with their key worker.

As we are based inside Park Grove Primary Academy, We work very close with the Early years team in school and the teachers have chance to get to know each of the children as individuals before the whole group starts in September.

The manager and key workers have transition meetings with the early years teacher to give any more information they think is necessary.